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    Southern Irish Terrier Society Breed Walk

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    Southern Irish Terrier Society Breed Walk

How to join the club?

History of Breed

Intl Ch Chip Ryan 

The dog now officially called the Irish Terrier is possibly the oldest of the Terrier Breeds of Ireland but records are so scarce that it would be difficult to prove this conclusively.

Buying guide

When sourcing a healthy Irish Terrier puppy it is the Breeder that is the most important consideration.

Puppy Line

Puppy Helpline: Mr Ian Bamsey - Tel: 01296 713045     email:

Events and Activities

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Breed Walk

About The Southern Irish Terrier Society

The present Officers are:- Mr I. Bamsey (Chairman), Miss M. Bradshaw (Vice Chairman), Lt.Col. J D Nevill (Hon. Secretary), Mrs O Clymer (Hon. Treasurer), assisted by an enthusiastic Committee.
The present Patron is Mrs. L. Jackson and the President is Mrs. A. Goddard.
Today the Society holds three shows a year, a Championship Show on the first Saturday in October at Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire; an Open Show in Southampton in July, and a Limited Show on the first Sunday in December at Steventon Village Hall, Oxfordshire. This is also the occasion of the Annual General Meeting.

SITS Forthcoming Shows

DATE           SHOW            JUDGE

29th July 17         Open Show             Patsy Hollings  

7th Oct 17            Champ Show          Mr P Greenway

9rd Dec 17           Limit Show             Paul Eardley